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Sort alpha up alt

  • Tags: sort, filter, organize
  • Category: Sort and filter


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Download the SVG to use or edit.

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Icon font

Using the web font? Copy, paste, and go.

<i class="bi bi-sort-alpha-up-alt"></i>

Code point

  • Unicode: U+F572
  • CSS: \F572
  • JS: \uF572
  • HTML: &#xF572;


Paste the SVG right into your project's code.

<svg xmlns="" width="16" height="16" fill="currentColor" class="bi bi-sort-alpha-up-alt" viewBox="0 0 16 16">
  <path d="M12.96 7H9.028v-.691l2.579-3.72v-.054H9.098v-.867h3.785v.691l-2.567 3.72v.054h2.645z"/>
  <path fill-rule="evenodd" d="M10.082 12.629 9.664 14H8.598l1.789-5.332h1.234L13.402 14h-1.12l-.419-1.371zm1.57-.785L11 9.688h-.047l-.652 2.156z"/>
  <path d="M4.5 13.5a.5.5 0 0 1-1 0V3.707L2.354 4.854a.5.5 0 1 1-.708-.708l2-1.999.007-.007a.5.5 0 0 1 .7.006l2 2a.5.5 0 1 1-.707.708L4.5 3.707z"/>